Ptolemy V Epiphanes

Ptolemy V Epiphanes
King 204-180 BC.
    Ptolemy V came to the throne at the age of five, as the result of a dynastic intrigue. During his reign the serious native revolts that had broken out at Thebes in the time of his predecessors, and resulted in the establishment of a line of native 'pharaohs' controlling the Theban area, continued. These were crushed in 186 BC and Ptolemy V regained control of the south, but similar uprisings occurred later in the next century, in 88-86 BC.
    In foreign affairs, Egypt lost most of her possessions in Asia Minor, Palestine and the Aegean, and managed to retain only Cyprus and Cyrene. Ptolemy V took a foreign wife—the daughter of the Seleucid king Antiochus III—and she became Queen Cleopatra I.
    Building projects at home included a chapel for the deified *Imhotep on the sacred island of Philae. A Decree (issued on March 27, 196 BC) commemorates the religious ceremonies that took place at the king's coronation at Memphis, but this has become famous not so much for its content as for the contribution that it made to the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Known today as the Rosetta
    Stone (since it was discovered at Rosetta in 1798), the Decree was inscribed in hieroglyphs, Demotic and Greek; this triple version enabled scholars, who knew Greek, to begin deciphering the corresponding Egyptian scripts.
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(210–180 BC)
   Son of Ptolemy IV and Arsinoe III. He was born on 9 October 210 and was at first under the regency of various courtiers, notably Sosibios. He faced difficulties throughout his reign with revolts in Egypt that were eventually suppressed and clashes over Ptolemaic possessions in Syria and Palestine that were lost in 200 BC. He married a Seleucid princess, Cleopatra I. He died in September/October 180 BC and was succeeded by his son, Ptolemy VI.
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